a.)  Many apocalyptic, biblical, historical
and unprecedented (in mankind’s
recent memory): catastrophes and
disasters will happen across the world.

A series of these extraordinary,
unprecedented and unusual proportion
catastrophes, cataclysms and
calamities already happened and
happening (some examples as follows):

(i)  26th of August, Typhoon Hato
killed more than 12 in Hong Kong,
Macao and Southern China.

(ii)  29th of August,1,400 dead and
approximately 40 millions peoples
affected in South Asia (in India,
Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan) by
heavy monsoon rains and flooding.

(iii)  Texas (Houston)
devastated and
by Hurricane Harvey.
September 9, 2017,

A)  Heavenly Warning Signs are
Already Here on Earth Now

Dear Brothers, Sisters,
Seekers and Readers,

As Lord said, the problems of the
Fifth Race now resembles to Noah’s
Time, and is even worse than the final
tribulation of the Fourth Race, by great
deluges (or floods)

2.)  LMW: Because of worse
problems and disharmony, so need
corresponding and proportionate
catastrophes, cataclysms & calamities—
with additional destruction by fire

3.)  After the 21st of August,
Total Solar Eclipse last month—