3.)  Only by Lord’s Hand: Touch and
Bless on qualified disciples who met
already mentioned requirements, will
affirm to become
chosen ones by
achievement of Fiery Heart.

4.)  All chosen ones will having beautiful
vivid fires or light above their crown.

5.)  By the Grace and Order of the Most
Highest Cosmic LORDS OF KARMA,
watching and judging above all gods of
all: planets, stars, constellations and
mankind on all planets —

*a.)  All chosen ones will affirm to
clear and erase all their forgivable
past and present accumulated
after become ""Sirius Members
of Greatest Blue Brotherhood""—

*b.)  Only by their proven Total
Selfless Labor and Services
Real Chosen Ones

)  The real chosen ones are
all those who met Lord’s
Requirements of Total Selflessness:

a.)  By Daily Self-Forgetting;

b.)  Group United Service and
Labor, through..

(i)  Taking Full Self-Responsibility;

(ii)  Daily Applying All Lord’s True

(iii)  and Fearless Sacrificing for

2.)  So all chosen ones are affirm to be
bless with achievement of Fiery Heart,
become ‘carriers of Cosmic Fire’ and
ultimately become SIRIUS BLUE
LODGE's chosen ones.