We are currently experiencing the
collapse of the old systems especially
the financial system.  This is because of
the very powerful incoming new energy
that is becoming stronger every
moment.  This new Aquarian energy will
replace the old Piscean energy, and as
the new energy becomes more
dominant, the older systems of the
Piscean energy will collapse.  Nobody
and nothing can prevent this change.
Fear not, because the new Aquarian
energy will bring new systems based on
unconditional love, cooperation,
sharing, freedom, peace for humanity

During this financial crisis, many will
experience loss of
: jobs, material
things, relationships and more.  

Do not lose HOPE!
The Declaration Day of the World
Teacher, Christ,
Imam Mahdi, Messiah,
Buddha, Krishna, the Great One all major
religions are waiting for, the
Master of all
and Angels,

ill happen very, very, very soon!
Please awake now—by opening
your Heart, Mind, Ears and Eyes.

The announcement will be
Television, Radio
and Internet.