Chapter 3 - New Times, Changes
and Goals

Hello, many thanks and congratulations
to those of our sisters and brothers who
are beginning to wake up now

But unfortunately, many have still
chosen to stay in the state of deep
sleep; ignoring their precious wholly
Spiritual Realities and Divine Spark
within their heart – which is a gift from
time ago.

Because they are complacent
(satisfying themselves) with non-
permanent TOYS, and with all kinds of
constantly fleeting sensual pleasures.

We have only limited free will.  

We only have free will to choose Reality
and Freedom, and to reject false and
True Freedom means those who are
totally free from (not bondage to) all
kinds of: attachments (physical,
emotional, mental & spiritual),
conditioning and dogmas.

Life is really joyful, beautiful and
precious when we have Awakened and
realize who we really are, and what our
real most important purpose and
destiny is.

We have lost our Original True Soul
Nature which is peace, love, joy,
freedom, fearless, selfless sharing and
sisterhood and brotherhood service.

Now only those who fully Awake can
recover these original true Soul Nature
qualities, or become Soul-infused