Chapter 19 - Immediate Future of
Planet and Mankind

Hello our Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Are you scare after hearing all the
recent, extremely negative, totally and
willfully fear-based predictions, given
by famous professors, scientists and

As there is now more and more fear-
mongering and one-sided predictions
about the hopeless, helpless and
insoluble, coming destruction of our
planet or the complete extinction of
humanity in the very near future
(as usual ignoring and disregarding
humanity's divine potential as
co-creators with God).

Such things will only happen if we totally
ignore and neglect the root causes of
these potential calamities, disasters
and upheavals.
Our immediate future mainly depends
on us.  It depends on the attitude of our
minds and thoughts.  It depends on
whether we choose cooperation, unity
and selfless, or choose separateness
and selfish.  

In other words, our immediate future
depends on our collective thoughts,
attitudes and choices: light or darkness;
peace or war; all-inclusive love and
group-conscious sharing and service or
separateness and selfishness, etc.

Please remember our thoughts become
our immediate future reality because
God's given creative energy follows and
manifests our thoughts.

Therefore, please don't buy into the
hopeless, helpless and solution-less,
predictions of total destruction or