Chapter 18 - Revelation of Simple

Now is the time!  Remove all that
belongs to the old time and old system,
which are all failing with no real value
for the betterment of human kind.

Begin to build anew that which can
solve most of human kind problems and
also for the betterment of human kind.

At the End of the Age of P

At least one-third to two-third of
humanity will be able to enter the
probation path of the 1st Initiation.  
Most will succeed.  However, the
remaining will be left behind.

Present Time – Still most human are
standing with their feet deep in the mud
of the material life.  Most are still at the
Atlantean Consciousness (taking
control and dominated by the emotional
and physical).
Now some are at the Aquarian
Consciousness (mental dominion),
where they are able to attain intuition
and telepathy ability eventually.

Now many people are experiencing
Wilderness, and more and more will
enter this experience as the old
Piscean Energy is quickly fading away
and it is superseded instantaneously by
the new Aquarian Energy dominated by
the 7th and 1st Ray (eventually 2nd

Destruction of the old forms (prison
house) will liberate the enslaved
consciousness.  The life essence (soul)
for those still identifying themselves with
Those who are able to union with their
real Soul Self and attain full Self
Realization will be able to become
immortal (continuous consciousness).