Chapter 16 – Glory of the Great
One Rising and Shining

Our Dear Blessed Sisters and Brothers,

Now is the right time to AWAKE,
ALERT and AWARE.  Be prepared to
judge ourselves (individually) and be
able to choose the RIGHT path.  We
have two choices only.  We can either
choose all-inclusive love and service
and soul liberation without the
destruction of the form (physical body),
or we can just stay with our old ways
that will only lead to eventual and
inevitable death and the endless cycle
of reincarnation.

As this is Divine Law, non-negotiable
and non-corruptible which applies fairly
and equally to each and every single
one of us regardless of status, wealth,
power, knowledge, education, etc.
Please always remember that nobody,
no authority and no institution can
judge us for our own Divine right and
choice of soul liberation, selfless
service and the potential for
immortality and continuous
consciousness, and eventually
becoming a Perfected Master.

It is us (individually) who have to judge
ourselves to choose and reclaim our
full divine right to liberate from millions
of years of imprisonment.

Please always remember whenever we
choose the love based choice, we
cannot lose anything so always choose
the selfless love based choice!  Never
choose the selfish choice and lust.

Now we are facing all kinds of
disorientating, confusing and doubtful
current events which are intentionally
created through disinformation,
distraction and fake knowledge for the
fear based purpose plan.