Chapter 14 - Imprisonment
(Bondage and Limitation)

A long time ago, we (as souls) entered
the prison house of Form (physical
body).  Some were consciously and
some were not.  We did it as a
sacrificial service, descending from
paradise in accordance with the Divine
plan and the Law of Evolution for the
eventual Higher Evolution of Humanity
and Mother Earth.  In order to Ascend,
we have to Descend first.

There are three groups of Prisoners
on the physical plane (Earth)

1. Human

2. Animal Kingdom

3. Plant Kingdom
Law of Evolution - constitute of three

Principle of Limitation

When we have the realization of the
Unknown world to explore and of more
truths to learn and of desire to achieve
then we will have the feeling of
limitation that evokes and drives us to
go forward along the path of evolution

Periodic Manifestation (reincarnation)

Therefore we have to continue with
periodic manifestations (reincarnation
process) for the continuous learning
and experiencing of life on the physical