Chapter 13 - Revelation


REVELATION - The process of
intelligent recognition of clearly
understanding the new vision that

New understanding of the truth
replaces the old false knowing
(glamour).  It is a gradual step by step
unfolding process.

The initiation is actually the revelation
process.  The initiation is impossible
without the preceding revelation.  Also
the whole process of Evolution is
actually growing understanding by a
series of revelation.

Each initiation leads to a subsequent
revelation.  If we use and serve
selflessly (the whole) the revelations
continue until the 6th initiation.  These
revelations are forever ours.
We could not receive any True
revelations from any external source
only through the True initiation
process.  True revelations can only be
received from the guiding light and the
inner GODSELF within our heart that
will dispel all false (glamour) dogma.

Revelation is also subtle.  It can be
formless as in intuition, inspiration and
telepathy.  It can also be form through


1. All causes of human suffering are
desire and selfishness.

2. Love and detachment is the way to
soul liberation.

3. Soul Liberation leads to Illumination.

4. Nothing is gained even if we
conquer the whole world if we lose our