Chapter 12 - Wilderness

Hello all our sisters and brothers
trapped on this planet (prison matrix).

Please try one's best to Awake, Aware,
Alert, Accept this coming of great
changes for soul liberation and the
betterment of humanity, and we will
Ascend to higher evolution level.

We like to share our best of knowledge,
inspiration, impression, contemplation
and even our own practical physical
experiences regarding about

Sooner or later in the very near future
more and more people will have this
beautiful benevolent Wilderness
experiences prior to Soul Liberation,
through the great Awakening process

We will have sudden (unexpecting for
non-spiritual seekers) Wilderness
experiences which can even happen
, or during a very short time.
Wilderness is about the extraordinary
-like shocking experience(s).  

We will feel like awakening from the
false self wishful dream (personality).  

Suddenly, most of our material
possessions, attachments,
relationships, social status, security
and complacency (self-satisfaction),
false ego and selfish attitudes will  
perish and lost beyond expectation,
imagination and knowledge

We will experience like we are in the
middle of the jungle (or forest). Like
there is nowhere to go, feeling loss of
vision and no idea at all
[of what is
!  We will be in a total
confusion state.