Be still and look within (Meditation)
We need to keep quiet, stay alone,
close our eyes and look within our heart
or the point between the two eyebrows
(or our 3rd Eye).

Try to stop all unnecessary NEGATIVE
thoughts.  However, do not suppress
the negative thoughts, because any
suppression will return sooner or later.  
If negative and unnecessary thoughts
do surface, just say to oneself “I don’t
need this anymore” in our heart and
our mind.  If we keep doing this
whenever we have negative thoughts,
it will stop after several attempts.

Realize and Beware

Negative thoughts WILL become our
future reality.  Actually we all are co-
creators of our own destiny, future and
life.  Do not let our minds control our
thoughts.  We are the master of our
own minds.
CHAPTER 2 - Self Realization


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experience not by just knowledge.