Chapter 10 - Our Divine Duties

1.  First of all, we have to try our best to
attain our individual soul liberation by
practice, meditation, experience and
the spiritual and consciousness
transformation within.

2.  After our own soul liberation, we will
be able to serve humanity more
efficiently and effectively because we
will have all the true wisdom and all
inclusive love with higher

3.  Many different ways to serve (as
World Server):

a.  As Light Workers (Light Bearers
Light Warriors), everyday we are to
send out our meditating spiritual Christ
energy to humanity, mother earth and
the cosmos as Energy Transformers
and Transmitters.
b.  Show others by example the right
way using our own everyday attitude,
practice of sharing, equal respect,
non-violence, forgiveness, brotherhood
and sisterhood.

c.  Also to share our true spiritual
teachings, practices and experiences
with others who earnestly and sincerely
seeking guidance.

d.  As if we are Lighthouses, we shine
our light to those who are in struggling
through crisis.  Help them to reach the
safe bank.

e.  To serve and to play our (individual,
or as part of a group) part towards the
higher evolution goal of humanity and
mother earth.

f.  Another very important way to serve
is not having any negative or
destructive thoughts.