Chapter 9 - Unlimited Value, Truth
about Human Beings

1. Short Story of Human Being.

Approximately 18 millions years (earth
time) ago, Solar Angels chose to
perform the Great Sacrifice by
descending to earth from paradise.

They are known as the Fallen Angels.  
This is the first time human incarnation.

We all have solar body created from
the Sun therefore justifying that we are
all Solar Angels incarnated into physical

Solar Angels (souls) were created from
Divine Spark (Monad or Spirit) of God.

Therefore every person is the children
of God (God incarnated).  Everyone
has all the potentials to eventually
become like our parent (God).

We are all the light (love) of God.
2. Purposes of Incarnation on the
Physical Plane.

a.  According to the master Divine Plan,
souls have to recreate that original
divinity (sparks of God) on the physical
plane to spiritualize all matters
gradually by the evolution (initiation)

b.  Because Higher Evolution
Consciousness or Initiation can only be
achieved by reincarnating on the
physical plane.

c.  Instead of millions of years that is
usually required to reach higher
consciousness evolution level, we can
now do it in shorter time and still reach
the same level by the initiation process
system which was created by the
Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa.