Chapter 4 - Awakening and
Initiation Process

To our best knowledge, we would like to
share with all truth seekers.

Predisposing and contributing causes:

1. Any kind of loss (material, money,
job, family members, loved ones, etc),
and unexpectedly big enough to give a
shocking experience.

2. Any kinds of big sufferings or serious

3. Accidents, near death experiences or
extreme fear. (That means any kind of
events or situations that is strong and
big enough to shake the
false ego and
make it fall apart and crumble.  It is the
best opportunity to make way to realize
4.  Exceptional and spontaneous
awakenings happen in higher souls who
have already attained certain higher
consciousness level in their past life

Signs and Symptoms of Awakening
(Note: There are no fixed or standard
criteria.  It varies with each individual
seeker.  The following signs and
symptoms usually occur more likely
with unprepared, non seekers.)

Early Stage

Physical - Shaking and trembling
body, crying, feeling of loss or
victimized, and also the body becoming
less coordinated.

2. Mental and Spiritual - Low motivation,
fast heartbeat, shortness of breath,
difficult to fall asleep, loss of appetite or
eating more frequently than before.  
Light headedness, floating, chest pain
or tightness, feeling of coldness or
hotness from the feet or the lower back.