*10.)  We always wishing each and all
sincere & serious seekers
to ""timely
achieve Lord’s Acceptance""

***a.)  Only attainable by ‘taking part
of Lord’s wishes and works’

***b.)  By fully selfless:
self-responsibility to
carry out
and fully fulfill Lord’s Missions.

How to taking part of Lord’s
Mission and Work ? ]

*11.)  Let Lord’s Attention turn to
each and all: sincere & selfless seekers
as affirmative response to
selfless labors;

And achieve to receive Lord’s
Helping Hand and Ray
8.)  Here we honestly, sincerely and
transparently: expressing & revealing
our pure motive, or ‘will-to-serve’ for the
Good of All sincere & serious spiritual

do not intend for negative
competition; feeding of false pride by
competition; and spiritual selfishness

*9.)  Always giving thanks for sincere
acceptance of our sharing and
cooperation, by Loving Understanding