Remember the April 2015 Nepal
earthquake, last year?  Death toll is
now approximately 8,800, with more
than 21,000 injured, with many more
still struggling to recover.  Many in
Nepal have become homeless, with
vulnerable women forced to survive
through prostitution.

Please also remember the 2004 Indian
Ocean earthquake and tsunami that
claimed approximately 230,000 lives,
with 45,000 missing, 125,000 injured
and 1.6 million displaced (homeless)
across Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India,
Thailand, Burma, etc.

Highly respectable Dr. Mehran Keshe;
Jim Berkland, a former U.S. Geological
Survey scientist; and other respectable
researchers are now warning of a
series of
mega earthquakes,
devastating tsunamis, plus splitting
of continents
that are very probable
to hit all nations connected along the
Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ including the west
coast of the United States; estimated to
take the lives of more than 40 million.
April 29, 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Scientists are warning the Pacific
Ocean ‘Ring of Fire’ has activated.  
Many volcanoes have become active
beneath sea level.  We are not living in
usual times.  We are in the last days of
this whole ‘world cycle’, lasting
approximately 24,000 years.

This month of April, just within one
week, there were more than eight
earthquakes along the Pacific:
Japan, Philippines, Burma, Vanuatu,
Tonga, Ecuador and Mexico;
some with mass casualties.

In Ecuador alone, approximately:
700 dead, 10,000 homes destroyed,
50,000 homeless.