As Only those who achieve
purification of own: mind, spirit
and heart
, can (in orderly):

i)  Awaken own inner consciousness,

ii)  lead to ‘Resurrection of own Spirit’,

iii)  enable to proceed with own Fiery

iv)  achieve Higher Spiritual Tension,

v)  then attract and receive Higher
Spiritual Energies,

vi)  then Melt and Merge own
consciousness with Higher

vii)  ultimately lead to Perfection, etc..
November 18, 2016,

[9-11*] 9th Nov, 2016:
Beginning of all New, Unusual and
New World

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Lord reminded that at End Times Now‒
Earth mankind, at each and all levels,
must with their own: hands, feet, sweat
and even blood (if necessary)–

To ""
cleanse own house""
both Within and without;

So can enable to approach and be
accept by Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy
for: ""New Consciousness, New Race,
New World and New Evolution""
*9-11 was the official declared date of
newly elected USA president.