Always giving thanks to,
Mr. Benjamin Creme for his totally
selfless: dedication, devotion and
self-sacrifice for Lord, and his Great
Service to mankind

Reprinted below is the official
announcement at Share International:

Special announcement

Share International regrets to
announce that Benjamin Creme,
British artist, author and lecturer
has died. He passed away peacefully
on 24 October 2016 at his home in
London, with his family around him.

Through his work as the Chief Editor
of Share International magazine, as
author of many books, and as
international speaker, Benjamin
Creme has been an inspiration
throughout the world in presenting
information about the emergence of
Maitreya the World Teacher and the
October 31, 2016,

Dear loving brothers and sisters,

This month, we lost a great Soul,
Mr. Benjamin Creme, the most recent
and only authorized information
provider on the:

""Re-emergence of the Christ"",
or Fifth Buddha, or World Teacher:
Lord Maitreya and the Masters of
Wisdom (aka Lords of Compassion).

We wish to express our wholehearted
gratitude to Mr. Benjamin Creme for all
his years of selfless dedication and
great service; by helping to uplift &
uphold the spirit and hope of humanity,
and providing us with up-to-date
information about Lord Maitreya’s
Mission and Spiritual Hierarchy Wisdom.