(vi-ii)  Continuation of quote from Dr. Kevin Barrett and
FFWN co-host Cat McGuire

Suu Kyi’s administration has been severely
criticized for its attacks on the historically repressed
Muslim Rohingya minority.  
In 2017, more than
700,000 Rohingya were forced to flee
Myanmar in what United Nations officials
called “a textbook example of ethnic
. …

Israel never condemned Myanmar for its
persecution of the Muslims, and went along with
not calling the Rohingya by their name.
In FTN’s
, wherever in the world you see
violence against Muslim communities, you’ll
find the hand of Israel

* * *

As Lord reminded, we should not do to
others, what we would not like others to do
to us
[ aka The Golden Rule / Matthew 7:12 ].

LMW: Only a few years ago, many Burmese
were quiet and indifferent when Burma's
government mistreated and persecuted Muslim
Rohingya and forced them to flee for safety in
foreign countries;
now Burmese living illegally in
foreign countries
like Malaysia are being
deported back to Burma

This is irrefutable and crystal clear proof
that the Greatest Law of Karma is working
very quickly now
***29.)  LMW: Last Reminders For Our
Burmese Brothers And Sisters...

Choosing And Serving ""The Inner
Living Lord & God In One's Own Heart""

IS The Only Lasting Solutionnot by
: statues, monks or pagodas!

After You Achieved Full Union With Fifth
Buddha Metteyya
's Higher Consciousness
all of life's unstoppable, unsolvable,
ceaseless and endless: suffering, pains and
(aka the endless vicious cycle of
Samsara) Will Totally Stop And End !   

There Is No Other Solution Or Way…

* * *

Blessings Be Upon All Of You!

May You All Wisely And Timely Make The
Right Choice
Now That You Have True
Higher Knowledge…

And Take The Next: Most Important
Logical Step
Which Is To Daily: Conform,
Comply And Apply True Higher Teachings

In Other Words: Strive, Strive, Strive…

Until You Achieve: Soul Union With Fifth
Buddha Metteyya's Invincible & Immortal
Consciousness—Lead To Opening The
Heavenly Gate And Eternal Liberation