26.)  So During These Last Of Days—if you
devote all your time and energy to pursuing a
fleeting, non-permanent and temporary: worldly
achievement of Democracy—
but for
yourselves: did not fully seek and strive to
achieve Soul Union with Fifth Buddha

Lead to becoming no different than the:
three-fourths (3/4) of left-behind and unfit
mankind for Higher Evolution—
and ending up:
departing to hellish suffering lower worlds
regardless of Burma achieving democracy or not;

So what good is that ?  Is an
imperfect democracy more important than
your Eternal Soul Liberation ?  

Bear in mind that: due to widespread
corruption, greed and selfishness
no genuine and pure democracies in
existence today
—we have only partial
democracies (and even fake democracies)—
which are more or less: corrupted and distorted
by capitalism and other selfish lower ideologies.

***27.)  So Our Honest, Sincere, Pure and
Wholehearted Advice Is

Instead of: demanding, pursuing and fighting
for uncertain and insecure Democracy (against
an iron-fisted authoritarian military junta which
has successfully and powerfully ruled Burma for
more than five decades).

It Is Wisdom To Pursue ""Eternal
Liberation Above All"":
By Day And Night,
Totally And Seriously: Seeking And Striving
To Achieve ""Full Inner Soul Union"" With
Fifth Buddha Metteyya's Higher

***c.)  We are
not advising to become:
complacent or indifferent towards the unjust and
unlawful coup by Burma's military dictatorship.  
We can still do our best to protest and
demand: Democracy, Freedom and Justice…

But on top of ALL earthly desires and
We Should Wisely Put Our Own
Eternal Liberation F
IRSTby practicing all the
forementioned on how to achieve Soul Union
with The Fifth Buddha's Consciousness—
you will successfully and timely ""Open The
Heavenly Gate""
within three to four years !