( D )  Burma failed to carry out Her
spiritual responsibility as a top Hinayana
Buddhist country—which was to distribute
around the world: authentic and
undistorted ""Fourth Buddha Gautama's""
and especially ""Fifth Buddha
Maitreya's"" Teachings…

* * *

It is a great loss, setback and tragedy
: most Burmese people have not even
heard about Lord Maitreya
—and some do
not even know about a returning Fifth Buddha.

Those in Burma who do know about the
Fifth Buddha
unfortunately believe that
He will not return for another
500 years
and their religious leaders and monks spread
the same error that:
the Fifth Buddha will
wait in Heaven until 2,500 A.D.

More people in America and Europe
know about Maitreya
than do Buddhists
in Burma
—even simple information like Him
physically residing in London (UK) or that He
came down from the Himalayas to our
everyday world in 1977.
24.)  It is NO accident (or coincidence) that:
True Spiritual Knowledge and Teachings
are now predominantly being: shared and
distributed from the West
(especially and
particularly from the United States of America)
to all countries around the world and
even back to the East…

As Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy long
ago foresaw the failure of the East in
carrying out their spiritual tasks in our
modern era

(i)  So they arranged and planned to give and
transfer Spiritual Hierarchy Teachings to the
West (especially through the United States)—
by sending Lord's disciples to Western

(ii)  Hence why there are true
spiritual teachers
in California State, especially in the Greater
Los Angeles Area—and a fair number of them
are Lord's disciples.

All 2nd Ray NationsEspecially The
United States Of America and The United
Also Have The God-Assigned
Task To
Share To Poor and Neediest:
Nations And Peoples…