f.)  If Karma does not alloweven if they
come across True Teachings, they will
not recognize its value
; most will be
looking instead for impure, glamorous,
effortless and false "esoteric" (or "secret
hidden") personality empowering teachings
– that are more compatible with their lower
focus and selfish desires (or) which feeds
their personality pride.

Indeed, One Of The Root Causes Of
Endless Suffering
Is Spiritual
(By Either Totally Lacking Or
Willfully Negating: True Spiritual Knowledge)

* * *

A Brief Comparison Of Previous
""Fourth Buddha Gautama's
Teaching"" With Present ""Fifth
Buddha Maitreya's Teaching"":

●  Gautama's Teaching
mainly emphasized
the root causes of mankind's suffering—but
did not provide mankind with an affirm
answer or solution
(to the question and
problem of suffering

●  Gautama's Teaching
was mainly for
advanced stage Fourth Race (or emotional
body focused) Atlanteans
* and early stage
Fifth Race (or lower mental body focused)
●  Maitreya's Teaching also reveals how
to achieve Eternal Liberation in a
beautifully clear and simple way

mainly through:

+  Sharing (Out Of Goodwill And Gratitude).

+  Selfless Service (For The Common
Good or GOD).

+  Spreading Lord's Agni Yoga
(Yoga Of The Fiery Heart) Teaching.

+  Constant Inner World: Seeking,
Practicing and Living

21.)  When spiritual aspirants, seekers and
disciples realize
how important selfless
service is
—especially in this Aquarius (or
Water Carrier) Age which mankind is already
they will understand why:

It is very difficult to achieve Eternal
Liberation by strictly and only: following
and practicing Gautama's 2,600 years
old teaching
(given near the end of the
Aries Cycle
)—because missing selfless
service and detailed higher knowledge (with
affirm true answers and solutions);

And impossible to strive only for
one's Own Liberation
(while ignoring and
neglecting the salvation of a suffering
humanity and world).
*  Which developed mysticism and devotion to a high degree.
●  Maitreya's Teaching not only reveals all the root
causes of mankind's suffering
it also provides
exact, specific and detailed ""Affirm True Answers
And Solutions"" to the question and problem of
mankind's never-ending suffering
Resurrection of the Spirit, Fiery Heart, Eternal Liberation,
Immortality and even beyond that…

Maitreya's Teaching is not only available,
accessible, approachable and affordable to the
greatest number of mankind today