**19.)  What is the difference between
exoteric and esoteric teachings?

Exoteric teachings are intended for the
while Pure Esoteric Teachings are
intended for aspirants, spiritual seekers and

b.)  Almost all earthly representatives and
leaders of the major religions (
like Buddhism,
Christianity and Islam
) are only giving and
: more or lessdistorted,
misguided, misinterpreted and/or
mistranslated teachings
(or worse: completely
fabricated and false teachings
) to their religious:
followers, believers and worshippers—

Meaning most people cannot: find and get
the original and pure teachings of their
respective God messengers and prophets,
through exoteric religious organizations

c.)  Most Burmese people similarly:
are also
mistakenly and wrongly
: following, believing and
worshipping—according to what exoteric religious
organizations teach them.
- - -
 (From previous page): By passing the most important
and difficult
Second Initiation—after conquered own
selfish, proud and lower desires focused personality—
become a
Soul-infused Personality (dominated by one's
Higher Self, or Spiritual Soul, or Solar Angel, or Lord)—
therefore fit and qualified to pass into the Superhuman
Kingdoms (or Kingdom of God).
d.)  Very few are seeking authentic and
pure Spirituality (also known as Esoteric
Ancient Wisdom Teachings)—which
America and Western nations have the
blessing and fortune to have readily available,
accessible and even translated into English for
through for example: the dedicated
efforts of the Agni Yoga Society in New York
and great disciples like:

 Helena Roerich (who transmitted Lord's
advanced stage Agni Yoga Teaching

 Nicholas Roerich,

 Alice Bailey (who transmitted Master DK's
intermediate stage Ancient Wisdom

 And Helena Blavatsky — all of whom
contributed to ""keeping alive the spiritual life
of mankind"" especially in the West…

Only those few who are blessed with
Grace (mainly due to having accumulated
sufficient Good Karma)
can find and
have True Teachings
from Extraordinarily
Compassionate And Wise Higher Beings
Like Fifth Buddha Maitreya (Or Metteyya)
The World Teacher.
*  “Adepts [or Ascended Masters] are a necessity in
nature and in supernature.  They are the links between
men and the gods; these 'gods' being the souls of great
adepts and Masters of bygone races and ages, and so on,
up to the threshold of
Nirvana.  The continuity is

( From Helena Blavatsky's Collected Writings, Vol. 8 (1887) )