( C )  In Burmamost Buddhists are
mistakenly and wrongly:
only following
and worshipping monks and statues

instead of conforming, complying and
applying ""authentic and pure Fourth
Buddha Gautama's
* Teachings"" in daily
:: (including in our present time: the
more important and greater Fifth Buddha
Maitreya's Teachings)

13.)  Although Burma follows the exoteric
Hinayana (or Theravada) School of
Buddhism (
which has less distortions and
mistakes than the Mahayana School
Burmese people are being misled far
away from ""Authentic & Pure Buddha
Teachings"" by their evil-controlled
government and mostly corrupted
organized religious leaders and
by only giving to their people:
distorted and even contrary teachings
opposite to and against both the previous
Fourth Buddha's teachings and the present
Fifth Buddha's teachings

Burmese people extremely: desire,
pursue and try very hard to ""open and
enter the Heavenly Gate"" [
or Kingdom of
God, or Spiritual Hierarchy
] and achieve
""Eternal Liberation"";
But the problem is: they mistakenly and
wrongly believe it can be EASILY
by simply:

Worshipping: monks,
statues, pagodas or pictures
(of monks, statues and pagodas).

Feeding monks.

Donating to monasteries.

Striving only for mindfulnessfor
: through practicing Vipassanā
Buddhist meditation and then expecting to
open the Heavenly Gate and achieve
Eternal Liberation.

But the truth is that: mindfulness
alone (without meeting other Spiritual
) CANNOT lead to
Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation

a.)  Mindfulness is only one of the basic
requirements and stepping stones
: Illumination and Eternal Liberation

b.)  Note that previous Fourth Buddha
Gautama taught about
present Fifth Buddha Maitreya emphasizes
attentiveness and observation of
(especially one's every thought,
speech and deed—and their consequences).
*  Gautama Buddha (c. 563-483 BC) also known as: Gotama, Siddartha or Sakyamuni.
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