Near Future: Important Celestial Events

●  Full Moon Festivals,

Total / Annular Solar Eclipses,

Total Lunar Eclipses,

* * *

52.)  Celestial Bodies Like The Sun,
Planets And Moon

All Have Impacts On Earth And Mankind.

Work In Conformity With God's Plan To:

●  Clear The Way And Make Safe, Smooth
And Successful The Coming New Higher
Sixth Race / Buddhahood Evolution Cycle

Remove Everything Which Is:
hindering, obstructing, outworn and unfit
For The New Higher: Consciousness,
Civilization And World

a.)  Lunar Eclipses (Or Blood Moons)
Especially Affect Jews And Muslims.

While Solar Eclipses Affect All
(Especially To Hit The Spiritually
Ignorant, Materialistic And Selfish)
Derivative of graphic by pastor Jonathan Cahn
(click image to see larger picture)
""Important Reminders""

●  Every & Each Authentic: Biblical Prophecy
And Apocalyptic Revelation –
Must Come To
Pass – Before The World And Mankind's Higher
Evolution Can Move Forward
 Lord Said, Under The Law Of Acceleration—
What Used To Take One Hundred Years To
Occur, Now Only Takes Five Years…

 LMW: Disciples Who Are Totally And Singly
Focusing On Selfless Service – The Next 3 1/2
Years Will Seem To Pass By Very Quickly

●  Around the time when the entire
Sixth Race arrives on Earth
—every spiritually
failed and unfit (for Higher Evolution) Fifth
Race mankind (
who did not achieve at least
Higher Manas) will have died and disappeared!