Lord’s Predictions Are All Coming True…

Now It Has Been Found Out By The FBI That:

The MAGA mobs storming of the United
States Congress building on January 6th
only the tip of a huge iceberg of long-term
organizing and planning for at least three to four
years (
when Trump became U.S. president)—is
being led by far-right Republicans

Conspiring and collaborating: policemen and
even firefighters from other states – came to
Washington D.C. to participate in the storming
of the Capitol

Conspiring and collaborating: Republican
staffers and lawmakers "opened the gates"
for the enemies
to easily and successfully gain
entry into the Capitol

This Massive Assault Was Fortunately
And Actually ""a Failed Attempted Coup""

But Make No Mistake That: This Is Only
""The Tip Of The Iceberg"" Of The Far-Right's
""Undeclared And Unilateral: Civil War And
Against The United States Of
29.)  So We Must Successfully Solve This
Extremely Serious And Historic Threat And
Not Later, Not Tomorrow !!!

We Cannot Allow These Betrayers And
Enemies To Successfully Carry Out Another
Surprise Attack

* * *

30.)  Lastly, We Need To Advise And Remind To
All Goodwill Democratic: Leaders, Lawmakers
And Staffers…

To Be Extra Cautious, Do Not Trust and Do
Not Eat: Foods Or Drinks – Given To You By
Unknown Or Suspicious Persons
– At Meetings
Or During Your Private Time—
Because The Enemy
Will Dare To Use Poisons
& Even Covid-19!  *

To Prepare And Bring Your Own Food And
Drinks Whenever Possible

To Change Your Fixed, Old And Routine:
Daily Schedules
(To) New And Different
—And Not Let Others Know (Except
Those You Trust And Know Will Not Prattle

To Not Even Use The Same Car Everyday
Another Car Can Be Used As A DecoyBecause
The Enemy Will Dare To Plant Explosives
!  **

To Everyday And Everywhere—Be Extremely
Alert, Cautious and Vigilant For Any Possible:
Sudden And Unexpected Attacks
*  They will try to transmit deadly viruses by any
possible means—and have already done so by
intentionally and maliciously not wearing masks
during meetings

**  They can also remotely hack into some
vehicles with electronics that allow it !