( 3 )  Fully Preparing Is 50% Of The
Battle (Or Halfway To Achieving Victory)

( 4 )  We Should Do Important Things
Right Away—Today, Not Tomorrow…

* * *

The world battle draws in all beings, but few
understand the true meaning of what is happening.
"Let us await the morrow," so people think.
But for them the morrow comes only after
the next midday, and they miss the dawn
. °°
( Agni Yoga, Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 263. )

* * *

17.)  Bringing True Lasting Justice Should
Be Our First Priority
Without It:

 Cannot Timely Rescue Suffering And
Dying Americans.

 Cannot Save Our Falling Apart: Economic,
Health and Financial System—Now On The
Brink Of Collapsing.

 Cannot Successfully Rebuild Our Nation!
d.)  At least Capitol Hill has concrete walls for
but during Inauguration Day:

 The newly elected Democratic Leaders:
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their

Cabinet Appointees;

 Democratic: Lawmakers, House
Representatives and Senators

 Three Former Living Presidents;

 Supreme Court Judges;

…Will be outdoors—and vulnerable to
attack from both land and air
their lives will be in danger
—especially if
the same disgraceful security failures and lack
of timely reinforcements on the January 6th,
happens again on January 20th

e.)  During this transitionthere is also
the danger that dark ones will suddenly
strike Iran, based on fabricated false
information and lies
—or stage an attack on
U.S. military personnel stationed overseas,
and then try to pin the blame on Iran
°°  LMW: Meaning they end up missing golden
opportunities and losing battles.
18.)  After Trump incited his followers to
insurrection and violence against the U.S.
he must be physically removed as
soon as possible…

a.)  However, most Republicans will
continue to oppose goodwill proposals from
—just as they blocked and disagreed
with almost all of former President Barack
Obama's goodwill (for common good) policies
throughout his eight-year presidency.

And like the first failed impeachment
nothing will change just by talking.

However this timeIF Democrats fail to
take immediate legal and proportionate
like impeaching and removing
Trump from power
(and) prosecuting other
betrayers and evil vipers in the U.S.
it is Democrats who will pay
the highest price…