12.)  Lord warned that, the most
dangerous, destructive and worst
enemies are always from within

LMW: Destruction does not require a lot
of people to carry out—just a few well-
trained and experienced ones with
advanced skills and tools.

Not only do we have enemies
but foreign powers are also
conspiring, coordinating and colluding
together with them—trying to destroy
the Democratic Party, Democracy and
the Rule of Law in the United States

Forget not how, after Russia was
overtaken by Bolsheviks in 1917—they killed
Russia's emperor, Czar Nicholas and his
whole family—followed by unparalleled in
modern history: chaos, terror, mass murder,
mayhem, destruction and deaths in Russia.

d.)  Many goodwill people have been
forewarning about this threat and
danger for decades
—that after their
ruthless experiment in Russia, they will try to
do similarly in the United States of America
e.)  Anything is possible now

 From kidnapping and assassination
attempts on Democratic leaders and
and their family members;

 To coup d'etatsor attempts to
violently overthrow the government

 To the destruction of important
federal buildings preparing to receive
President-elect Joe Biden's new

(i)  It is already proven that
far-right groups
tried to kidnap and kill Michigan Democratic
governor, Gretchen Whitmer – last year.

Last September, FBI Director, Chris
Wray warned that
, racially motivated
violent extremists, such as white
have been responsible
for the most lethal attacks
in the U.S.
in recent years;
and are the biggest
single domestic terror group

Last March, Chief of the National
Counterterrorism Center, Russ Travers

after warning of a surge in right-wing
terrorist attacks across the United
States if the president loses the
was then fired by Trump.
(Above): FBI Director, Chris Wray
(Bottom): Former NCC Chief, Russ Travers