( 2 )  The Most Dangerous And Worst
Enemies Are Always From Within

5.)  How is it that goodwill, decent and
law-abiding American and Democratic
leaders and government officials failed to
fully prepare, respond and counter the most
January 6th: storming and
ransacking of Capitol Hill by violent
MAGA mobs?

6.)  How come the world's best, thirteen
intelligence agencies failed to
: get
information, warn and fully prepare for this
disgraceful and shameful attack?  Where
was the Department of Homeland Security
(DHS)?  Where was the FBI, under the
current Justice Department?

How can one of the world's safest and
most powerful places, Capitol Hill

a.)  Be so easily, smoothly and swiftly:
invaded, stormed and ransacked by
MAGA insurrectionists and domestic

b.)  Plus:
did not receive timely assistance
and reinforcements—forcing lawmakers and
staffs to barricade themselves and hide in
fear for hours?
8.)  Why did Capitol and district police forces
wait four hours
before sending in help?

Why were so few MAGA invaders and
rioters confronted by security forces within
the Capitol?

(i)  Some were even taking
'selfies' with
Capitol police.

(ii)  One MAGA insurrectionist who was
crying during an interview about supposedly
being pepper sprayed (or maced) by
police—was videotaped
rubbing her eyes
with an onion.

(iii)  By nightfall,
only 52 arrests were made,
the rest (thousands) were allowed to walk
away without any fighting.

Why did the commander of the National
repeatedly refuse to send in

This disgraceful and unbelievable
failure to safeguard and protect the
United States Congress is indicating
many levels of law enforcement:
from the
city level to the state level,
federal level and the White House
intentionally let it happen…