Dear Brothers And Sisters,

The Below-Mentioned Advices,
Reminders And Forewarnings Are From
""Lord Maitreya, The World Teacher"" aka
the Christ for
Christians / Imam Mahdi for
Muslims / Krishna for Hindus / Messiah for
Jews / Fifth Buddha for Buddhists:

* * *

( 1 )  When The Enemy Proposes Peace—
Be Watchful And Careful

1.)  After violent MAGA mobs stormed
and ransacked Capitol Hill
(the heart of
American Democracy)
on January the 6th:–

Trump went on to say, My focus now
turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and
seamless transition”
and “This moment now
calls for healing and reconciliation.”

b.)  Another Republican senator, Ted Cruz
said, that he wants a ”peaceful and orderly
transition of power”
and called for the country
“unify and leave anger and division behind.”
c.)  Another Republican minority leader,
Kevin McCarthy contradictorily: first argued
with Trump to denounce and order his violent
supporters to leave the Capitol—but
afterwards, still voted to overturn
President-elect Biden's election victory

2.)  Lord warned that,
when evil wicked ones
say they want peace, be
very cautious and watchful

LMW: Because if you mistakenly believe
their false promises and words, and let your
guard down – they will exploit this weakness –
to accumulate their forces and carry out
another surprise attack

4.)  If Trump was really sincere and honest
he would have conceded that he lost the
and immediately helped (by
) President-elect Joe Biden and his
forming Cabinet with transition

He does not need to say that: he will now
make way for a smooth transition.

Instead of helpinghe is blocking the
new Democratic administration
coordinating with the Pentagon, the State
Department, Justice Department
, etc..
Posted: Jan 10th, 2021 / Correction on Feb. 9th, 2021.