January 10th, 2021

Extremely Important And Urgent,
Brotherly & Friendly: Advice, Reminders
and Warnings
From ""Lord Maitreya""
The World Teacher

The One Whom All Major Religions Are Waiting
: The Christ for Christians / Imam Mahdi
Twelve for
Muslims / Krishna for Hindus /
The Messiah for
Jews / The Fifth Buddha

* * *

This Letter Is Referring Mainly To:

●  The New U.S. Democratic Administration
Of ""President-Elect, Joe Biden"" and
""Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris""

●  All Goodwill Democratic:
Congress Representatives And Senators

* * *
( 6 )  Corruption Is Worse Than Wars And
Destructive Floods
—Because If Not Arrested,
It Will Destroy A Whole Nation

( 7 )  We Have To Strive By Our Own
Hands, Feet, Sweat, Even Blood (If
Necessary & Justified)—To Bring
True Lasting: Justice And Peace

( 8 )  Only By Fearlessly Marching Over
) the wicked and unjustWill We
Succeed To Burn Away The Dark Ones

( 9 )  We Cannot Avoid End Times ""Final
Battle (Or Armageddon)""
Because It Already
Took Place On Higher Mental & Spiritual Planes,
So It Must Finally Manifest (Or Happen) On The
Physical Plane

( 10 )  Those Who Fear Death And Only
Trying To Save Themselves—Will Die

Only Those Who Fearlessly Sacrifice For
Goodwill, Justice-&-Peace Loving Peoples
(we do not need to sacrifice for bad people)—
Will Live Forever !

( 11 )  Betrayal Is One Of The Worst Spiritual
Sins And Most Dangerous & Destructive To
Nations And Peoples
—Whoever Participated In
The December 6th Storming Of The U.S. Capitol
Whether By Thought, Speech, Action; By
Emotionally Supporting; Or By Physically Joining
Committed An Unforgivable And Inexcusable
Crime Against Their Nation And People—So Must
Prosecute, Indict, Convict and Put Them In Jail
Giving credit and thanks to all the anonymous and known
artists and providers of the images found in this chapter.