Ray Types (Monads) Presently
Influencing Our Earth Evolution

Active Rays (Or Monads) Manifesting
On Earth:

2nd Ray — Incoming Since 1575 A.D.

3rd Ray — Incoming Since 1425 A.D.

5th Ray — Incoming Since 1775 A.D.

7th Ray — Incoming Since 1675 A.D.

Rays Passing Out Of Manifestation
On Earth:

6th Ray — Began Passing Out In 1625 A.D.
[And Drastically Fading Out After 2012 A.D.]

25.)  Inactive Rays (Or Monads):

1st Ray — Not In Manifestation.

4th Ray — Will Begin Manifesting
Around 2025 A.D.
(  Notes: Fortunately, there are no pure 1st ray
types (
the ray of the destroyer) on the planet.  
Any incarnated "1st ray egos" are actually on
the first sub-ray of 2nd Ray.

i)  This way, synergistically serving
2nd ray types (love-wisdom) and 3rd ray
(active intelligence) can smoothly,
successfully and swiftly: enable to rebuild
""Heaven on New Earth"" after 2025

ii)  Only by and after 2025—when all
destructive, hindering, obstructing and unfit:

▪  3/4 of mankind,

▪  earthly dark ones and their strongholds,

▪  forms, governments, structures and systems;

are totally destroyed, perished and

iii)  Then 4th Ray types can begin to add and
contribute their extraordinary, rare and
beautiful creations—

 Balancing: sounds, colors and word music;

 Merging Spirit (or Life) with matter (or form);

 Rebuilding And Making ""The New World""
Extraordinarily: Better, Beautiful, Beneficent
and Brightening
!!!  )
*  Reference: Master DK, through Alice Bailey,
Esoteric Psychology Vol. I (1936)