Important Reminder: God-Assigned Tasks
To Nations & Individuals (According To
Their Ray Type)

From Senior Disciple, Benjamin Creme*:

“… We are living in a 2nd Ray solar system
… in this solar system God is Love.

“The 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom is the basic,
synthesizing Ray of the whole system. …
Every other ray, including the 1st and 3rd,

is a sub-ray of the 2nd Ray.

“We are made in the image of God as love,
and the nature of God as love is to serve.

… Hence the importance of service in the
evolution of the individual, and specifically,

of the disciple.”

(  LMW Note: All Disciples (On Whichever Ray)
—Must Finally Pass Through 2nd Ray.  

As Nations Are Wisely Assigned
Specific Rays By

I.  The Lord Of The World, ""Sanat Kumara"";

II.  The Extraordinary Embodiment Of 2nd Ray
and Planetary Christ,
""Lord Maitreya"";
***a.)  Therefore When Nations Correctly
Conform and Carry Out Their Tasks &
According To Their Specific

i)  Soul Ray (Higher Aspect Or Qualities);

ii)  Or Personality Ray Virtues
(Particularly 2nd Ray Personality Nations);

…That Will Lead To Fulfilling God's Plan
On Earth

***b.)  Known 2nd Ray Soul Nations:

 United States Of America.

 United Kingdom.






*  Benjamin Creme, Maitreya's Mission Volume One (1986)
(  **  … a school for the more advanced grades, and for definite
preparation for the mysteries will be started
in Ireland at one of
the magnetised spots there to be found.
 This school will be very
definitely a school where preparation for a major initiation may be
taken, and
will be under the eye of the Bodhisattva, preparing the
pupil for initiation upon the second ray.”

(Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Letters On Occult Meditation)  )