Lower Aspects Of The Rays
(Particularly): One, Three and Six

Lower aspects and expressions of
1st Ray:

•  anti-Christ—or destroyer of everything
beautiful and true (
or truth slayer).

•  lawless and reckless.

•  dictatorship.

•  selfish ruling.

•  unrelenting cruelty,

Lower aspects and expressions of
3rd Ray

•  liar.

•  deceptive.

•  evil-minded and wicked.

•  exploitative and manipulative.

•  selfish,

a.)  Examples of 3rd Ray lower aspect
expressing groups

i)  The failed Moon Chain group (who failed
the previous solar systems' evolution goal).

ii)  Many U.S. Republicans & their President .

((    :  I.  Most recently on May 21st: Despite
joblessness in the U.S. is now at least 40 million

according to official figures) – Republican leaders
and the President
are planning to cut off the CARES
: $600 extra per week for jobless Americans…

i)  Clearly revealing and showing their: apartheid,
cruelty, inhumanity and
total lack of: compassion,
caring, concern and consideration for
struggling and suffering

ii)  So peoples in America—(we either): rise up,
demand and speak up for Justice
– (OR): we all
(more than 40 million Americans) will suffer more

(  Note that: America's ""actual"" jobless rate and
total numbers of infected and dead (by Covid-19)
""are twice the official figures"" !  So U.S.
joblessness is closer to 80 million
!  )

II.  Genesis 4:8-10: Then the LORD said to Cain,
“Where is Abel your brother?”

And Cain said, “I do not know;
Am I my brother’s keeper?”

And the LORD said, “What have you done?  
The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to
me from the ground.”
°°  LMW: That is: (i) we and everyone, are responsible for
taking care of each other – because we are all brothers

and sisters from the same One Heavenly Father.

(ii)  We all have one Universal Self (aka Atma),  
so whenever we harm, hate or hurt others,
we are literally doing the same to ourselves.
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