Best Beneficent Ray Combination:
Rays One -&- Two

8.)  As One Ray Type Alone –

Without The Help Of A Synergistic Ray
Is Liable, Subject and Vulnerable To:

a.)  Become Unbalanced And Extreme;

b.)  Make Disciple's Actions & Assigned Tasks:

i)  Out Of: Balance and Control,

ii)  Unsuccessful,

iii)  End Up With Unintended Failure and Loss,

Take For ExampleA Disciple On The
First Ray Of Will & Power
—When Governing
and Ruling
Without: Balancing, Cooperating
and Controlling By Second Ray—
Is Liable,
Possible and Vulnerable To Become

Without: Noticing, Realizing Or Intending,

b.)  Extremely & Excessively: Aggressive,
Cruel Or Destructive,

c.)  Above The Law And Reckless:
Dictator, Fanatic Or Rogue,

d.)  Then End Up With Failures And Losses
***10.)  While A Disciple On The Second
Ray Of Love & Wisdom Alone
Balancing By First Ray—
Can Possibly Become:

a.)  Lazy, Complacent, Slow Or No: Action

Or Due To Excessive Love:—

i)  Become Too: Soft, Kind and Gentle—Lead
To Lacking Moral Courage For Justice.

ii)  Also Overwhelming, Superseding and
: Disciple's Strong Will – Which Is
Needed To Implement And Successfully Carry
Out God and Lord's: Assigned Tasks and
Critically Important Missions – Swiftly, Smoothly
and Timely

c.)  Then End Up With Failures And Losses

But When Both ""First Ray""
And ""Second Ray""

a.)  Coordinating and Cooperating;

Co-Controlling Each Others Mistakes (Or
Inappropriate, Destructive and Excessive

Co-Working As A Group Or Team;

d.)  With ""Loving Understanding"" And
""Spirit Of Brotherhood and Sisterhood""