The Seven Rays & Our Earth Evolution

***1.)  We Know Of Seven Rays (or

Streams Of Divine Energy):

Three Major Rays (or Monadic Rays):

I.  First Ray of Will or Power.

II.  Second Ray Of Love-Wisdom.

III.  Third Ray of Active Intelligence or

Four Minor Rays (of Attribute):

IV.  Fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art
or Unity.

V.  Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or

VI.  Sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

VII.  Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or
2.)  We, Earth Humanity Are Evolving In A
Second Ray Solar System

In This Present Solar System

a.)  All Rays Are Sub-Rays Of Second Ray.

b.)  So All Other Rays Must Finally
Subordinate To
Second Ray—By Entering*
and Passing Through Second Ray.

(  * : All Rays Must Also Enter And Pass Through:
5th Ray Of Concrete Knowledge – As Connecting
Link With Intelligence – In Order To Achieve Their
Assigned Tasks and Works – With 2nd Ray (
The Ray
Of Loving Understanding, Teaching and Building
).  )

Three Solar Systems
Connected To Our Earth Evolution):

a.)  Previous, Solar System One:

(i)  Expressed As Activity Or
Active Intelligence (3rd Ray).

(ii)  Basic Note Was The
Impulse To Move,

(iii)  Formed Nucleus and Foundation For Our
Present Solar System.
 Reference: Master DK, through Alice Bailey,
Esoteric Psychology Vol. I (1936)