c.)  Now every individuality will be followed
on its ascending arc
[towards Spirit, away from
by the Law of Retribution — Karma and
death accordingly
.  The perfect man or the
entity which reached full perfection, (each of
seven principles being matured) will not
be reborn here.  His terrestrial cycle is
completed and he has to either proceed
onward or — be annihilated as an
individuality. (The incomplete entities have to
be reborn or reincarnated)

“On their fifth roundthey will be held
responsible henceforth in their descents from
sphere to sphere
, […] This downward course
has not yet begun but will soon.  Only how
many — oh, how many will be destroyed on
their way

e.)  “The above said is the rule.  The Buddhas
Avatars form the exception, as verily we
yet some Avatars left to us on Earth.

The whole individuality is centered in
the three middle or
3rd, 4th and 5th
.  During earthly life it is all in the
fourth, the centre of energy, volition—will
. […]
difference between personality and individuality.  
The former hardly survives — the latter, to run
successfully its seven-fold downward and
upward course, has to assimilate to itself the
eternal life-power residing but in the seventh

Atma] and then blend the three (fourth, fifth
and seventh) into one — the sixth
Those who succeed in doing so become Buddhas,
Dhyan Chohans
, etc.
Additional References To Ponder:

* * *
On The Seven Principles Of Man

61.)  From Master Morya (who was the Apostle
Peter)—now Senior Ascended Master,
Head Of
1st Ray Ashram, and Future Manu of Sixth Race—

In The Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett,
Letter No. 44 (January 1882

a.)  Man (physically) is a compound of all
the kingdoms
, and spiritually — his individuality is
no worse for being shut up within the casing of an
ant than it is for being inside a king.  
It is not the
outward or physical shape that dishonour and
pollutes the five principles — but the
.  Then it is but at his fourth round, when
at the full possession of his Kama-
and completely matured, that man
Fully Responsible[;] as at the Sixth
he may become a Buddha…

Volition and consciousness are at the same
time self-determining and determined by causes,
the volition of man, his intelligence and
consciousness will awake but when his
principle Kama
is matured and completed by its
(seriatim) contact with the Kamas or energizing
forces of all the forms man has passed through in
his previous three rounds. […]