°  We know of a few exceptional cases—like those having at least goodwill and other
spiritual merits—who have possibility to
not join: the left-behind and unfit groups.
56.)  Which Is To SayOnly Those Who
Knowingly, Willingly and Gratefully:
Serving Lord Maitreya's Mission

♦  Become Lord's Disciples.

♦  Be Among The Biblical 144,000 Of
"""The Lord Of The World, Sanat Kumura""".

♦  Eventually Become """Immortal &
Perfected Sons Of God"""

* * *

57.)  Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

***a.)  This Is Our Ultimate
Last Reminder
(And Call) To:
"""Choose And Always Serve GOD""".

***b.)  After This ChapterWe Will Stop
To Remind Or Mention About Choosing
and Serving God

There Is No More Time Left. °

●  Those Who Cannot Strongly Decide
To: Choose And Serve God – As Soon
As Possible –
Will Never Make It.

●  For Most People – It Is Now Too Late
And Hopeless

So It Is Senseless, Useless and
Wasteful Of Our Energy And Time – To
Mention Or Remind To Them Anymore
((  (iv)  who are now extremely: • materialistic,
• selfish, • lacking in compassion & goodwill,

… have to
restart from the beginning of evolution
that is from the mineral kingdom, then pass
through the vegetable and animal kingdoms
with all its pain, suffering and terrors for million
of years –
is beyond words we can express…

(II)  So why senior disciple, Benjamin Creme
could not hold back his sorrow and sympathy
during a
2013 radio interview—as Lord or an
Ascended Master, already showed him
a vision
of the future
that awaits mankind’s left-behind
and unfit.

(III)  So why Lord and all His disciples—are trying
extremely hard with their utmost and best: effort
and ability—to advise, direct, guide, teach and
uplift mankind…

(IV)  Even our LMW member—who was most
recently discharged from hospital for multiple
physical heart problemsyet we are still
trying our best

(i)  To timely post new chapters, particularly this
most important chapter about:
""choosing and
serving God""

(ii)  Also revealing and repeatedly mentioning,
that especially now, through totality of spiritual
one can achieve within 3 to 5 years:

♦  Eternal Liberation;

♦  Full Union With Own Higher Self / Lord;

♦  Continue Sixth Race Higher Evolution
(etc..);  ))
*  Need to pass at least 2nd initiation (become 3rd-degree
initiate) to achieve continuity of consciousness.
((   : (I)  Meaning, not even after another million years of
suffering Samsara –
will they: wake up, realize, recognize,
repent and choose
""selfless service to God""because:

(i)  they did not yet achieve: continuity of consciousness* so they
not remember true spiritual knowledge and teachings in their
next life (or incarnation).

(ii)  In lower worlds—it is extremely difficult and practically
impossible to get
true spiritual knowledge and teachings – as
there will be no one to guide and teach them.

(iii)  those who repeatedly committed heavy karma bearing
serious sins
– over the entire evolution process (especially in
the last, nearly one million years of our fifth race evolution)–