Many Are Called, Few Respond…

As Lord Mentioned,

I:  God Calls Many…

[  Continually For Centuries To Respond By
"""Choosing To Serve God's Plan""" –

By Mankind Cooperating And Working Together
With Lord and God – For The All Good
;  ]

II:  But Few Respond…

[  With Strongly Determined Mind To Serve God—
Thru Carrying Out Needed & Useful Tasks For
Lord Maitreya's Mission
!  ]

a.)  From Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 263:

… The world battle draws in all beings, but
few understand the true meaning of
what is happening
. "Let us await [until
" so people think. But for them
the morrow comes only after the next
and they miss the dawn.

b.)  From Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 264:

To the Blessed One is attributed the
following: "
Distinguish between those who
understand and those who agree

“He who understands the Teaching will
not delay in applying it in life
“He who agrees will simply nod and extol
the Teaching as remarkable wisdom, but
not apply this wisdom in life

“There are many who have agreed, but
like a withered forest they are fruitless

and without shade. Only decay awaits
. […]

Do not spend much time with the agreeing
. Let them first demonstrate
application of the first Call.

c.)  From Messages from Maitreya the Christ
(2001), Message No. 14

Many there are who hear Me and
heed Me not

“But the few have listened, and with
Will and Love fulfil My Task

LMW: So Finally…

Those Who Are Proven: Selflessly
Serving God—Will Go Up To Heaven
And Become ""Immortals"".

But those still selfishly pursuing:
capitalism, commercialization and
– will go back to the earth
and become
dust !
(Above): Maryland crematorium overwhelmed with Covid-19
(Bottom): mobile morgue freezers in New York.  

( photos from AFP Getty / New York Times )