***53.)  Always Remember That:

a.)  Every Choice We Make Always Has
Correspondent Consequences
(Especially Our Decisions Regarding God).

b.)  We Are Fully Responsible For Our Every:
Intention, Thought, Word and Action (Under
The Law Of Karma, Or Law Of Cause And Effect).

c.)  Mankind Has Sacred God-Given ""Free
Will"" To Choose And Serve: """The Best,
Eternal, Permanent and Highest GOD"""

d.)  We Either MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW —
OR LOSE This Rarest Diamond Opportunity

e.)  superficial, hesitant, reluctant,
partially striving, lukewarm,
halfway doers – Cannot Make It.

♦♦♦  Only Totally Striving Ones Can Make It!

Only Totally Striving Ones Can Make It!

♦♦♦  Only Totally Striving Ones Can Make It!
♦♦♦  Only Totally Striving Ones Can Make It !

(  Notes: We keep on repeating about
""totality of striving""

Because there are those who say
they ‘chose God’

i)  But they are:

 Not really: being sincere and honest with

 Not really: committed, dedicated and willing to:
selflessly and totally
strive day and night—to
make it.

ii)  As they still care more about their: daily
routines; having fun; pursuing pleasure; chatting-
gossiping; and various other senseless activities
& interests that are
not essential for livelihood.

iii)  In other words, they only talk
but no walking on the True Path to God.  )