"""Ultimate Final Call To:
Choose And Serve God"""

4 Years, 4 Months : Until 2024's End

* * *

52.)  As We Are In The Last Days Of
Judgment (And Restoring True Justice and
Harmony On Earth)

***a.)  In Order To Achieve One's
which includes:

I:  Surviving The End Times (Or Series Of
Calamities, Catastrophes and Deadly
Disasters –
To Cleanse Earth of anything and
everything that is
unfit and useless for coming
New Higher: Consciousness, Evolution & Race;

II:  Continuing To Exist, Live And Evolve
Further & Higher
""On Heaven On New Earth"";

III:  Eternal Liberation (After 19.5 Million
Years Of Imprisonment On Earth)

IV:  Immortality; Perfection (On Earth); and
***d.)  So whoever is still: focusing,
pursuing and striving only for

X  making money,

X  materialistic: achievements,
comforts and living

X  returning back to ‘business as usual’,

…Will inevitably, unavoidably and
Facing Enormous & Endless:

▪  regrets,

After they:

i)  Failed God and Lord's Tests–

ii)  Join the left-behind and unfit,

iii)  Depart from Earth (within 3 to 4 years),

iv)  Transfer to correspondent hellish lower
– of ceaseless unimaginable
""Samsara"" – for at least one million years!
 Such as: having to re-incarnate (or take birth) thousand/s of times, for at least one
millions years
in a lower world—after failed God's tests and departed from earth!
***b.)  Each one Must Adjust themselves To:

I.  God Laws (or Divine Laws);

II.  God's Plan;

III.  God's Will;

( …Mainly through ""totally renouncing and
relinquishing"" one’s
little will (or self-serving
personality) – to free up energy for selfless service.  )

***c.)  Always Bear In Mind The Timeless Truth
: God's Will And Plans + Lord’s Mission
and Tasks:

●  Never Fail,

Never Miss,

Cannot Destroy,

I:  Therefore Why we Must Always Wisely:
Choose To Carry Out, Follow, Pursue and
Serve Only: ""God's Will And Plans"" –
Especially Now At: God & Lord's Final Call…

II:  Instead of unwisely and untimely (at the
conclusion of materialism) continuing to pursue
: little will and desiresand end up with:
great and enormous: loss, suffering, regrets and
most tragic
beyond words outcomes.
2020-08-06: corrected countdown: 4 years, 4 months.