April 19th, 2020

Solution (Or Plan Of Action) For
Serious Spiritual Seekers, Students
and Disciples – During Worst Global
Economic and Financial Crisis

* * *

***37.)  Once One Strongly Decided (And
Has The Will To


Continue To Live;

 Evolve Further and Higher
To Join and Become New Higher Sixth Race
– By 2025;

a.)  One Must Prepare Fully—
Both Physically and Spiritually…

b.)  Most Importantly By Spiritually;

c.)  Only Then Enable To: Overcome Series
Of Apocalyptic Catastrophes, Disasters and
Destructions—Through Lord and Spiritual
Hierarchy's: Guidance and Protections…

***38.)  Next:—One Must Having Earthly
Alternative Plans
– Co-Measured For
Surviving The Coming Worst Global
Economic And Financial Crises (
As Follows):

(( Plan A )): Adjusting Oneself To A
Drastically, Suddenly and Unstoppably
Changing World—That Is Increasingly
(in conditions and situations)
for materialistic onesBy:

a.)  Choose A Humble, Honest & Simple
""Spiritually-Focused Life""

b.)  By First, Totally CUT OFF and getting
rid of anything that is
: Not Essential For
Maintaining One's Daily Livelihood–

i)  For Example:

 things connected with earthly: comfort,
complacency or
luxurious living.

 worrying over one’s physical body:
appearance or attractiveness
solve by not regarding body
as the self).

 worldly socializing and gossiping.

 other worldly activities and interests—
which ›› wastes valuable time;
›› scatters one’s attention; ›› and/or
distracts, hinders or obstructs one from
single-focused Spiritual Striving.
Most Recent (April) Coronavirus Pandemic Statistics:

On April 2nd—Covid-19 infection cases reaches 1 million

On April 15th—Covid-19 infection cases reaches 2 million
worldwide, with more than 128,000 deaths.

As of April 18th—the United States of America has over
700,000 infections cases (so far the highest official
numbers in the world, or nearly 30% of all cases) and
more than 37,000 deaths

( graphic from worldometers.info )