***29.)  Remember The Truth That
In These Last Of Days: Many Series Of
Catastrophes, Calamities and
Cataclysms Are Waiting To Hit Hardest
To Mankind's:

(i)  excessively materialistic,

(ii)  spiritually

(iii)  God-less,


(v)  selfish, ungrateful & unrepentant ones,

—( After combining all the above-mentioned
together: At least 70% of entire mankind
on Earth ).

30.)  This is close to military intelligence
affiliated website,
Deagel.com('s) forecast
that by 2025
– the U.S.' population will
drastically decline by approximately 70%
(from 327 million
to 99 million people) !

31.)  And recently (in mid-February)—
a public health professor, Marc Lipsitch
warned that: a pandemic like Covid-19 can
infect up to 70% of the world's population by
next year.
33.)  Additionally Now At End Times
( End Of Pisces Age Armageddon ):

a.)  Evil Wicked dark ones and their many
agents and servants are
trying their utmost
to destroy and kill as many mankind as
possible – before they try to leave Earth
or get eliminated by ""Forces of Light"" !

b.)  As overwhelming numbers of
corpses pile up near the
living –
lower dark entities (drawn to
decomposition) can more easily
and possess vulnerable mankind.

c.)  Plus the most violent and destructive
unmanifested elementals are breaking

i)  Also called: unbridled elements and
unmanifested Chaos in Agni Yoga*.

ii)  From Agni Yoga, Heart, 557:
You already understand that darkness
is evoking the unmanifested forces of
—in this is the particular magnet of the
forces of darkness. Against this, all rays and
currents must be reinforced. You already sense
this reinforcement. …

d.)  …So Hell Is Literally Breaking Loose
On Earth
 By dwelling around Earth's orbit using space technologies.
*  Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 168.
Georgia Stone in 2007.
32.)  LMW: Indeed, this pandemic will be worse than
(during) World War 2 (1939 to 1945)—because instead of
fighting tangible and visible
human beings – mankind is
fighting against intangible and invisible
killer microbes;
and nobody can seem to predict or estimate when this
pandemic will end.

Do also recall what Freemasons engraved on
Stone, that only 500 million mankind (in total) will survive.