(  V:  Remember the wise true saying:

“When the spiritual student [or seeker] is
ready – a True Spiritual Teacher will
appear, and give His
Helping Hand.

(i)  From Agni Yoga, Heart, 20:
“I [Lord] say—one may ponder for long
about the Teacher, but once having
chosen one, do not retreat.

(ii)  Also See:  Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 111. & 112.  )

* * *

God Test and Grace
During Pandemic Outbreak

***24.)  LMW: Please Remember That This
Global Coronavirus Crisis Is
One Of God's
Most Important

I:  ""Final Tests and Trials"" For Mankind;

II:  ""Great Final Grace"" By Giving
Suitable Conditions
* During Final Four
Years Period Of Opportunity

***25.)  For Mankind To:
((  ** :  Opposite To: Austere, Disciplined
Simple Life Of Selfless Striving—Like
Soldier, But Fighting Mainly An Inner Enemy
own selfish personality / false ego / lower self)!

(i)  So Outer World Focused: comfortable,
complacent (full of
tamas or inertia),
materialistic ones —
fail to even notice /
therefore miss
: their Inner Life Battle;

 Therefore they Cannot:
Conquer their false ego;

 So they Can Never: Achieve Union
With Lord (or their Higher Self).

ii)  Without ""Continuous Focused Striving""
By one's Mind and Heart — Cannot Kindle own
Inner Fire (Within one's
Heart)—which is
needed to achieve

Higher Vibration;

♦  To Approach Higher and Divine Beings;

Awakening and Continuous Expanding Of
Own Inner Consciousness!

As Lord Said, “When satisfied with
worldly life, the spirit cannot enter the
Promised Temple.

( Agni Yoga, Book One (The Call), 102. )  ))
:  Or Communion (Or Soul-Infusion with True Higher Self).  Remember In Spirituality—One Must
Think On Everything In Terms Of Consciousness, Energy and Vibration;  
Never In Physical Terms.
III:  Realize, Recognize and Repent:
their Most Serious: Errors, Mistakes and
SinsHaving Committed Repeatedly (For
Millions Of Years

***a)  Spiritual Ignorance And Total Negation
(Of Spiritual Laws and Teachings).

***b)  Selfishly Chosen: Self-Comfortable**,
Complacent and Materialistic Living.

- - -
((  * : So people cannot: complain or make the excuse
that God is unfair –
by saying things like: how can they
choose and serve God – when they are so busy
working to: earn a livelihood, pay bills and provide for

(i)  Now is their best opportunity—but how many will
fully utilize this God-given grace period—
to seriously
begin to
: (a) strive daily; (b) practice ‘3 S’; and
(c) study, ponder, understand and apply ""True
spiritual teachings–especially Lord's teachings"" ?

(ii)  Those who sincerely, totally and continuously:
choose and serving for God 's Plans (for the All Good)—

•  Do not have to worry about lacking: daily necessities
or monies for livelihood—as God and Lord will taking
care of and protecting: them, their loved ones and
nearest ones.

•  Even when there is massive starvation everywhere—
but they (God's dedicated, dependable and selfless
servers) will have food, and even abundance!