Long-Term Solution Is: Spirituality And
Goal-Fitting Thoughts

***21.)  Most People Never Think About
The Long-Term and Permanent Solution;
They Instead Focus Only On Physical
– By Physical Measures and

Only By:—

a.)  Trace, Realize and Recognize: The
Root Cause (or Source) Of Epidemic
(Like Covid-19);

[ …are mainly caused by millions of ignorant and
materialistic mankind continuously holding:
destructive, evil, malicious, ""selfish thoughts"".

b.)  And Directly Eliminating Disease-
Causing Viruses
Within: infected peoples
and symptom-less carriers' bodies;

[ …especially by teaching them to change the
quality of their thoughts—like holding: benevolent,
compassionate, for common good,
"""goal-fitting thoughts""".

…Then Can And Will: Solve This Global
Pandemic Outbreak Forever
23.)  As The Esoteric, Higher and Spiritual
(Particularly ""Agni Yoga

From ""Lord Maitreya"", known also as:

I):  The World Teacher For All Humanity.

II):  The One Long-Awaited By All Major

The Christ—to Christians;

The Fifth Buddha—to Buddhists;

Krishna (or Kalki Avatar)—to Hindus;

The Twelfth Imam Mahdi—to Shiite

The Messiah—to Jews;

III):  A Perfected, Immortal, Divine Being
having millions of years of experience with:
a) the evolutionary process, (b) earthly lives;
c) and almost every type of earthly disaster
both in past ages and present times);—

Revealed That, Most Deadly Epidemic
Diseases Are Caused By Mankind’s: Ignorant,
Irresponsible, Selfish, Evil, Destructive and
Malicious Thoughts