***18.)  Therefore, If Americans FAIL To
Accept, Realize And Recognize To

I:  Choose And Serving God;

II:  Hold Goal-Fitting Thoughts;

…This Unstoppable, Incurable and Powerful
Coronavirus Epidemic Outbreak In The
United States – Will Only Get Worse And
Even More Devastating Than The 14th
Black Death (Or Black Plague)!

(i)  Indeed, Every City, State and Nation
That Is
Bearing Heavy (Bad) Karma – Will
Get Infected.

ii)  So Why Lord Said,

 Even One Hour Is Not Safe Anymore!

 Only those Who Wisely And Timely:

***Choose To Serve God—Can Save
themselves, their family and their
most loving and nearest ones.***
Lockdowns: To Temporarily Suppress
and Slow Down The Spread Of Infections

19.)  LMW: As There Are Presently No
: (i) Vaccines, (ii) Medical Cures,

20.)  And Earthly Authorities Are Only Using
Temporary Short-Term Measures—

Advising): Social Distancing and

Banning): Mass Gatherings Of Peoples,

Locking Down): Cities, States and Nations –
To Slow Down The Spread Of Infections;

a)  But after withdrawing these temporary
measures—the accumulation of coronavirus
infected peoples (or silent carriers)
reappearing in public places –
will lead to:
quickly spreading infections again (due to
scientifically observed
‘seesaw pattern’ of
this novel coronavirus, like seasonal flu
cycles –
or as we prefer to call: ceaseless,
endless, vicious cycle of re-infections)

(b)  Because once infected—viruses stay in
the body for life (like herpes)—temporarily
disappearing and later resurfacing

(Manufacturing): More
Medical Equipment and Supplies,

And Spending): More Money.
Coronavirus Epidemic Crisis in New York, USA (April 2020).