16.)  As According To Spiritual Law:
Everything After Went Up To Highest Peak —
Must Return Back To The Original Ground
(Or Bottom);

a.)  Under The Laws Of:

(i)  Justice;

(ii)  Nature and Harmony;

(iii)  Gravity;

b.)  To Restore: Balance Or Equilibrium;

And To Achieve:

(i)  First, True Justice;

(ii)  Then, Harmony;

(iii)  Abundance For All Mankind Living
A Long-Lasting Existence Throughout The
Entire Universe
worldly efforts To Solve Novel Coronavirus
Are Only Temporary Solutions

17.)  Short Notes on the virulent infectiousness
and deadliness of Covid-19

On March 23rd—new scientific data from
China shows that almost one-third (1/3) of
infected peoples are
silent virus carriers
(with delayed or no visible symptoms).

b.)  Other recent tests show that: patients who
recovered from this virus – are still positively
infectious to others – in one study, up to eight
days after recovered

c.)  On March 25th—an intensive care doctor
in London explained how one person (infected
with highly contagious Covid-19) can spread it
to 59,000 other people.

LMW: Most Probably, Covid-19 will
continue to plague mankind
on and off
temporarily subsiding (or stopping), only to
reappear again—until the Last Day of 2024