c.)  As many peoples lose their incomes and
– by many and various: causes and
reasons – at Apocalyptic End Times Now,

(i)  And as more public safety officials get
infected or sick,

(ii)  And more criminals are released from jails
to reduce the risk of massive infections,

There will in turn, be more: uncertainty,
insecurity and chaos in U.S. cities and states;
and almost all other countries around the
world—due to increasing: burglaries, home
invasions, looting, robberies and rioting

(  Notes: As Millions Of People Are Now
Facing Their First
Experience"" — It Is Their Best Moment
And Opportunity (
Now Or Never):

i)  To Wake Up (Spiritually) From This
Prison Matrix (Materialism);

ii)  And Timely ""Choose Selfless Service
To God and Lord"";

iii)  In Order To Achieve (Among Many Other
Spiritual Achievements
): ""Eternal Liberation
And Salvation"" after 19.5 million years of
enslavement on Earth.  
Lord's Day of Declaration (and)
dark ones losing their strongholds

13.)  As Lord Predicted And Revealed, Only
When Chaotic Situations Are Occurring
Worldwide – Will Lord Then Step Forward
And Officially Announce Himself To The
[ ""On Declaration Day"" !!! ]

LMW: And Begin To Openly Save°°, Teach &
Explain To:
Enslaved and Imprisoned Mankind!

14.)  So Why Evil Wicked dark ones
are most afraid of: ""Lord Maitreya's
Reappearance"" and Rescuing Mankind
From their many and various:
evil wicked

Especially From:

Stock Markets,

•  Hedge Funds / Mutual Funds,

•  Property Markets,

•  Banking,

•  Mortgage Loans (
As Baits
To Enslave Ignorant Mankind

•  Other Interest-Bearing Loans, Leases
and Usuries…
 Notes On Page 9.
°°  That is, save mankind from dark ones' earthly traps.  
But regarding Soul Salvation—Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy can
only show us the Way (
without infringing our free will), through
Their Direction, Guidance and Teachings.  Therefore and
each individual must knowingly and willingly take full
responsibility to
: strive to save themselves (achieve Soul
Union with Higher Self / Lord).