Domino Effect Of Coronavirus Pandemic
To The Global Economy

9.)  As This Year Is Most Probably:
""The Global Economic-Financial System
End Game (Or Final Crash)"":

a.)  Because Our Entire (mostly selfish,
lower mind focused,
animal consciousness
oriented) Fifth Race Evolution Cycle Is Done
and Finished By Year 2024's End.

b.)  And With The Unstoppable Novel
Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak – Now
Irrefutable And Undeniable:

 Having Spread To More Than 210

 Nearly 90% Of Infected Countries Under
Some Form Of Lockdown.

 Globally: More Than 1,701,700 Infection
Cases, With Over 102,800 Deaths
(April 11, 2020).

 In America: More Than 505,478 Infection
Cases, With Over 18,798 Deaths
(April 11, 2020).
 In New York State Alone:
More Than 170,512 Infection Cases,
With Over 7,844 Deaths.

10.)  So This Coronavirus Pandemic Will
Definitely And Imminently Causing Domino
As Follows:

a.)  From Drastically And Enormously
Dropping: Incomes and Revenues – To
Businesses And Individuals At All Levels;

i)  And Locking / Shutting Down: Exports
And Imports Between Many Nations;

Particularly With China—As The World's
Second Largest Economy; Distributor And
Supplier (
Of Many Varieties Of Daily Use
Necessities, Equipment, Medical Products,
Raw Materials, Spare Parts For Cars
, etc.)
To Many Nations…

ii)  Inevitably And Eventually Lead To
Economic: Downturn, Crisis and Collapse
Dominos Analogy ( image from: coindesk )