17.)  LMW: Senator Harris was also one
of the few to courageously question the
Republican president's appointees, like
Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr.

We Should Weigh:

I.  The Few Mistakes And Flaws Of Joe
Biden And Kamala Harris

II.  Against The Current President And
Many And Repeatedly
: amoral, cruel, cunning,
divisive, hateful, hypocritical, lawless,
revengeful, unaccountable, unacceptable
and wicked deeds
Against Their Own
People, Americans; Immigrants; And Other

We Should Not Reject Biden And Harris
Based On
: A Few Of Their Mistakes
Because Throughout Their CareersBoth
Did Many Righteous, Justified and
Responsible: Actions And Deeds

As Lord Christ Said, Let The One Who Is
Without Sin, Come Out And Throw The First
Stone At The Sinner.

LMW: In Other Words, Mortals More Or
Less Make Mistakes.
d.)  Compared To Most Republican Leaders
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Have The
Least Flaws And Mistakes

And In SpiritualityMotive Matters
And We Count (And Value) Their
""All-Inclusive"" & ""Good For Justice"" Motives.

* * *

-•-  Historically Higher Approval Rating
and Confidence In Democrat U.S.
Presidents – From Other Nations

19.)  Please Look Back To U.S. History And
You Will Find That Many Democrat Presidents

●  Franklin D. Roosevelt;

●  John F. Kennedy;

●  Jimmy E. Carter;

●  Barack H. Obama;

Are Continuously, Persistently and
Practically Proven
: To Be Always Caring And
Concerning About American Peoples…

Including Hard-Working:
Middleclass, Poor And Unfortunate Ones
— For Almost A Century Now